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In a battle Against Non-Communicable Diseases.

Diseases like cancer, diabetes, COPD, CVD and many more continue to devastate the nation- especially the poor community- taking lives and causing lifelong economic burden. Even though prevention is the only real cure for the non-communicable diseases, the poor remain expendable since there is no standard preventive healthcare program that they can effectively avail and/or afford. We, at Pulse Health, stand to make a change by taking the first humble step in this long hard battle.


Vision is to become the leading provider of preventivehealthcare solutions against NCDs in Bangladesh, supported by health insurance education, enabling people to adopt healthier lifestyles for better health outcomes.


Dipto Health is a preventive healthcare enterprise. We are aiming to educate and incorporate the masses people into a standard preventive healthcare curriculum and, in the process, establish ourselves as a brand synonymous with the term preventive healthcare. In our inception, we are going with a two-way approach- offering services on a commercial basis to the academic community and free trials to the one that needs educating.


Periodic Health & Mobile Application

Periodic Health Monitoring with state of the art devices and Mobile Application with cloud enabled health data storage.

Blood Glucose

Blood Glocose Dipto Health

Diabetes is a chronic disease that occurs when the pancreas or the bodycannot make insulin. You can measure diabetes by using our smart devices.

Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure BP Dipto Health

We measure blood pressure by using the latest technology. Our device will figure out high & low blood pressure and guide you on how to prevent it.

Oxygen Saturation

Oxygen Saturation Dipto Health

Oxygen saturation can be tested with our smart device. It will provide the level of oxygen circulation in our body.

Pulse Rate

By testing pulse, our device can measure the heartbeat of a person and our device will provide suggestions for balance the rate.

Body Mass Index

Weight Height Dipto Health

The ratio of height and weight are nown as BMI. If height wise weight is perfect than BMI is normal, it will show in our device.

Dipto Health App Tutorial


“Their services are very good. A representative comes for checkup every month. I am very satisfied”

“Their area based checkup service is very effective.”

“An app like Dipto Health was very much needed at this crucial time.”

“At this time of the current epidemic, such an app was very much needed.”

“It’s actually incredible that a health checkup is going to be done sitting at home. Great initiative.”

“Their services were very effective during the time of Covid.”

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